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Vice Tours in Colorado

chocolate curlsProfessional crafts man carving a chocolate

“The Vices”

Chocolate – Many places in the world have had the exquisite pleasure of indulging in the “Food of the Gods” since ancient times. The Spaniards brought chocolatl over to Europe with them from the Aztecs, where only royalty was allowed to enjoy it. Today chocolate is a decadent indulgence produced in many places throughout Europe, and in Central and South America where the beans are grown. Some itineraries may include the delight of being able to create your very own chocolates from bean to finished product.

Whiskey – Come with us as we travel to Ireland, and many other places to visit the famous distilleries that make whiskey famous. Imagine the moment that you get to experience the sensory pleasure of sampling this golden elixir right from the source. *

BeerOktoberfest is usually the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Beer and traveling. Yes, of course there is this famous German festival, but today there are so many more options! There is a whole world of brewers, especially since microbreweries have become so fashionable. The sky is the limit. Beer dates back to the Egyptians who drank it because their water was unfit to drink. *

Cigar – When one thinks of cigars, one thinks of Cuba. But there are many other places to explore: South America, Columbia, Dominican Republic, and even right here in New Orleans. Experience the total creation from tobacco plantation, down to the precision of rolling the perfect cigar. The only thing better will be to actually sit down with your own cigar and a glass of your preferred adult beverage! *

These tours are available on both Ocean and River cruises as well as guided Land packages. Groups are always an option! We would love to put together any combination of the above to meet your own “Vice” desires. If you can dream it…we can make it a reality!

* The Whiskey, Beer, and Cigar tours may be combined in various combinations into one itinerary.