Cruises in Colorado

Whether it’s to be on an Ocean or a River cruise, our Travel Agency in Wheat Ridge, Colorado will find the perfect fit for you. Once we have had a chance to go over the specifics and personalize the trip, we will be better able to find the precise ship, itinerary, and cruise line.

There are many options available:

Cruise ShipLarge to gigantic Ocean Liners that hold upwards of 6000 passengers, offering a multitude of dining venues and more activities than one can imagine. These types of ships are actually considered “the destination.” Some people are not even concerned as to what ports are included, and many don’t even care to get off of the ship because there is so much to do onboard. They offer specialized activities for children so that parents have dedicated time to themselves while their children are kept totally entertained daily.

While these ships have many positive benefits, the cons are that they are simply too large to visit many of the very interesting, less accessible ports. They are limited to the very major ports that can often be very crowded.

Cruise Ship 2Mid-size to small Ocean Liners hold significantly less passengers and so offer a more intimate, luxury experience. Generally only children ages 12 and up are allowed and there will not be any dedicated activities set up for them. There are also not as many dining choices and some may not even have a Casino, and if they do, it is rather small in comparison to the big ships. Most offer a variety of nightly entertainment. There are lectures by day with regard to upcoming ports or other topics of interest. Many offer classes. The focus on these ships is centered on the destination, as opposed to what amusements are onboard. The emphasis is on service, where the guest to staff ratio is closer to two to one and some will even have a butler included depending on the suite category.

YachtYachts and Expedition Ships are a highly specialized group. Here the destination is key. Total life experience, from zodiacs to get up-close and personal, to kayaks and jet skis which you exit in from the back of the ship are part of the thrill as you land on remote islands or coves. An emphasis on photography comes into play while you encounter nature and wild life like never before.

**Both the Luxury Mid to Small, Yachts and Expedition ships have the ability to get you into ports you’ve probably never even heard of, making for a truly unique experience devoid of the masses of people that are so often encountered at the major ports.

River boatRiver Cruises have become very popular and the vast array of them has become quite overwhelming. The rivers and bridges determine the size of these vessels, and so most are similar in size and in regard to onboard dining, activities, and entertainment. Some offer a balcony, and others use other clever means of providing the feel of a balcony with large windows that open up. There are a multitude of navigable rivers throughout the word and there are some ships made specifically for them; like the Amazon, the Mekong, the Duoro, and the Nile. Some are more inclusive than others and offer complimentary excursions with bikes onboard for their guests to use to get around town.

While the pros to a river cruise are many, the cons are that one cannot control mother nature. There are times when the rivers are just too full for the ships to pass safely below the bridges, and other times when they are to shallow for the vessel period. Many times people end up having to be bussed to the next port, which can ultimately end up being rather disappointing to travelers.

River boatBarges are another river option. They are smaller, and definitely a more intimate option as they hold only a small amount of people. This can be a good option for some people, as they can put together their own group and have the whole place to themselves!

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Land Excursions

The options for land excursions are vast with a multitude of choices that include:

*Established groups with a set itinerary that is very structured, defined, and specific in regard to where, when, and how you get around the various places you will be visiting and staying. Led at all times by a designated guide. The options and packages will vary depending on the Tour Company.

*Modified groups allow some flexibility and independent time on your own. These will also provide a designated guide. The inclusions will vary depending on which Tour Company is selected and the destination package chosen.

*Customized Independent Tours are those that are put together according to your wishes with the assistance of Decadent Travel and the supplier. These can be individualized for a just a couple of people, or you have the ability to create a group that is uniquely your own. There will usually be a designated professional guide that is available to you to assist whenever you may need or want them. It is up to you just how much intervention would be desired from a professional guide, and how much time you want to explore on your own.

Customized Groups

The option to create your own group, be it for extended family, friends, colleagues, or simply people that share your own interests is always a great way to travel at a significantly reduced rate. Once you establish a group and become what we call “The Pied Piper,” or group leader, you will have the ability to choose from the many amenities that are available to groups only.

Also, once the group had reached a certain level of guests booked into it, being the group leader allows you to enjoy a complimentary trip.

**Groups are available for both Cruises and Land

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