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Tours and Trips in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

We will start by setting up a complimentary discussion, either by phone or in person. Usually a half hour will be sufficient to go over the pertinent information necessary to create a personalized experience, uniquely crafted, reflecting your desires and needs.

Should this be to your satisfaction, a *basic research fee of $100 will then be charged to begin the research process. This will be applied to your trip once all is agreed upon and a booking deposit is made.

At this time you may go into “Forms” and select the Credit Card Authorization Form from the drop down box. Once it is completed, signed, and returned, our research will begin.

*Journeys requiring multiple countries, city connections, and various forms of transportation will incur a fee of more than $100. This amount will be in relation to the complexity of the trip, and will be agreed upon with the client prior to any research.

A standard airfare booking will require a fee of $25 per person each way, unless it is part of a package.

We will contact you once we have some components put in place, so that we can go over it with you and fine-tune it to meet your wishes. At this time any questions or concerns can be addressed. Should all be in agreement and to your satisfaction, we can then proceed to making the deposit.

One of us will be checking in with you periodically in between the time of deposit and of final payment. You will be notified in advance that your final payment will be coming due. At this time we can go over any last minute questions or documentation. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us, as we will continue to be available before, during, and after your trip has ended.