Top 7 Chocolates Around the Globe Every Sweet-Tooth Traveler Should Not Miss


Travelling is not just about places, it is about foods too! When you visit any community, it is not right to just fill your eyes with wondrous sights, you must fill your bellies with heavenly and unforgettable delicacies as well. Travelling accounts the pleasuring of your taste buds, too!

One type of food almost everybody in the world cannot resist is chocolate. Surprisingly, chocolates take different forms and tastes depending on where they are being manufactured. Just like cultures, the unique chocolates from each place represents a symbol and a story.

Want to know how chocolates taste like other than Kitkat and Milkyway? Visit these countries and taste the difference:

  • Bovetti, Africa
    First chocolate that you must taste is Bovetti from Africa. The magic started when the Italian chocolatier Valter Bovetti visited Sao Tome, a small island off the Gabon coast. From 2006 onwards, sweet-savory chocolates under the name of Bovetti have been enthralling sweet enthusiasts all over the world.
  • Republica del Cacao, Ecuador
    This Ecuadorian goodness should never miss your chocolate bucket list. The flavors incorporated into each chocolate bar is complexed but rich. It will surely surprise and overwhelm any tasters due to the concentration of premium ingredients including cacao, cacao butter, and Ecuadorian liquors.
  • Soma, Canada
    This chocolate largely banks on ingenuity, not only on presentation but also in flavoring. Their chocolate offerings come in a multitude of variants to choose from. Their toppings include vinegar truffles, whiskey truffles, barberries, cranberries, and so much more!
  • Scharffen Berger, Germany
    By 1997, John Scharffenberger is already a world renowned maker of exceptional wines. However, he ventured into a new product to practice his culinary artisanship – chocolates. Original Scharffen Berger chocolates are made out of an antiquated device that turns cacao beans into chocolate liquor called the German melangeur. Bestseller variants of this brand include sea salted almond chocolates and milk chocolates.
  • NōKA chocolates, United States
    A big fan of dark chocolates? Then you must not miss the visually stunning and tastefully satisfying American-grown NōKA chocolates.
  • Valhrona, France
    Valhrona is a type of chocolate designed to attain couverture perfection! Its magnificence made it worthy of being dubbed as the “Rolls Royce of Chocolates”. Once you will taste any of their variants, your mouth will be basked in luxury and luster.
  • Godiva, Belgium
    Want to experience pure bliss in a bite? Then have yourself an undeniably delectable Godiva chocolate bar. Their variants come in standard milk chocolates, dark chocolates, and fruit-filled chocolates.

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