Surprising Benefits You Get from Drinking Beer


Do you love beer? Then there’s a lot of good news for you. Beer doesn’t actually just give you a relaxing buzz after a long day at work. It also comes with a number of other good things (when taken moderately).

Curious to know what these benefits exactly are?
Read on to find out:

  • Beer promotes heart health. 
    The vitamin B6 in beer helps clean up the harmful chemicals in your body. One of the chemicals that beer helps you get rid of is homocysteine, which is known to increase your risk for heart disease.
  • Beer boosts creativity. 
    Stuck in a pickle? Get your artistic juices flowing with a healthy dose of beer. A small pint might be able to help you get your projects done on time! Just be sure to drink responsibly.
  • Beer prevents Type 2 Diabetes
    Surprised? When combined together with regular physical exercise and a healthy diet, beer can actually help you stay fit!
  • Beer lowers the risk of kidney stone formation. 
    Kidney stones form when there are too much waste materials that need to be filtered from your blood. But a healthy consumption of beer can increase your body’s hydration and help flush out these harmful chemicals in your body.
  • Beer enhances hydration after a workout. 
    Working hard to achieve that perfect body? Reward yourself with a serving of beer. Not only will it give you a light buzz, but it will also replenish your body with vitamins, nutrients, and hydrate it too!
  • Beer strengthens bones. 
    Brittle bones can become a thing of the past thanks to beer. But what exactly is in it that makes it a wonderful salve for your skeleton? The answer lies in the high silicon content found in beer (especially pale ales). The silicon helps by reinforcing the formation of new bone tissue in your body. In effect, this prevents your bones from thinning out and getting easily fractured.

Isn’t that great? Now you have more reasons to crack a cold one with the boys (and/or girls!). But remember, you can only take advantage of all these when you drink beer moderately. Gulping down a little too much than necessary can spell bad things for your health too.

That aside, beer is a wonderful drink to enjoy. And it can perfectly match up with almost any dish too! If you really love having a beer, then you should definitely consider joining the world famous Oktoberfest held in Germany. Just think about the fun you will get from taking part in this 16-18 day folk fest! And that’s not the only celebration that involves beer!

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