How to Show Your Respect When Visiting Archaeological Sites


Archaeological sites remind people about ancient civilization. They give us a glimpse of the lives of our ancestors in ancient times. They also allow us to look back into their history and learn from them. Many history buffs often choose vacation packages that include visiting archaeological sites.

Respecting these sites is essential. Here are ways on how you can show such respect:

  1. Read and follow the site’s rules and regulations.
    Every archaeological site has a set of rules and regulations that tourists have to follow. These rules and regulations are established to ensure the preservation of the site and anything in it.
    Make sure to follow these rules. Encourage your companions to follow them, too. Otherwise, penalties might await you. Checking with a travel agency in Wheat Ridge, Colorado about the applicable general rules in visiting archaeological sites is a good idea.
  2. Pay the right fees.
    Many sites often collect entrance fees from every tourist. Children and senior citizens may take advantage of available discounts. These fees are used to preserve the site, keep it safe and secure, improve amenities, and even restore certain areas. Paying the right fees enables you to contribute to the maintenance of the place.
  3. Tell your children to behave.
    Archaeological sites have vulnerable spots. A tiny misstep may lead to a scratch, permanently damaging the place. As such, make sure to tell your children to behave. Tell them not to run around too much or else they might hit something valuable.
  4. It is best to leave your pets outside.
    Pets, such as dogs, can be rowdy at times. Leave them outside. They might end up chewing certain artifacts or peeing on them.
  5. Do not change anything.
    No matter what happens, keep your hands off the items belonging to the place. Resist the urge to change anything. If you think something is not right, inform the manager or the site overseer. Let them make the necessary changes.
  6. Leave artifacts alone.
    For any travel and tours in Colorado involving archaeological sites, this is probably the most important tip. Artifacts are important parts of history. Leave them alone. Do not take them as souvenirs. That may be tantamount to stealing, and you’ll end up in trouble.

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