Decadent Travel is “Your Ticket To Luxury,” providing our clients, our biggest asset, the most value for your investment.  Our business name is inspired by an obsession with all things “chocolate”,  which is usually associated with the word“decadent.” But it can also effectively be applied to travel, and ones pursuit of it.

We are home-based, Independent Contractors who are affiliates of Andavo Travel which is located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and members of Virtuoso.  With our proud association with Virtuoso, you are assured of the very highest quality of everything!  From the finest properties, to a Virtuoso representative in every corner of the world, ready to take on the most discriminating customers and provide them with their every wish.  There are Virtuoso amenities that are included in every facet of travel, from Hotels and Resorts to Cruises, which you will be unable to get anywhere else.  Not to mention the value for your money, which is so important to all walks of life.  These extra touches and pampering are what make the difference between“ordinary” and “extraordinary”…that is the beauty of the Virtuoso touch.

We take pride in providing the perfect fit for our clients to the many Large/Small ship, Yacht, River, Barge, Paddle-Wheel or Specialty cruises available;  Custom and Independent Tours, and amazing All-Inclusive Resorts & Villas,  all having the capacity to put your own “spin” on it, thus creating the perfect experience.

Groups are also an option for those wishing to be a part of something special while enjoying the savings and camaraderie that being a part of a group offers.

*      Please visit the “Current Groups” page for a list of these and brochures available to download of the most current options.

Some of the types of groups to experience are:  Ancient Civilization/Archaeological  *  Religious  *  “Decadent” Chocolate  *  Golf  *  Beer  *  Bourbon or Whiskey Enthusiasts    *  Cigar Aficionado’s

We are always open to any options or requests that you may have, and can do any combination of these aforementioned specialties.  We also have access to many Voyages Club groups, which are special cruises sponsored by Virtuoso in collaboration with various Cruise Lines.  We encourage you to create your own groups!  Contact us and give us your ideas… challenge us to put all of the pieces together for you.

Together, we will do everything possible to ensure that every collaboration with us will blossom into an adventure of a lifetime…and become “Your Investment in Life.


      “ Indulge yourself…completely”

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