8 Things to Do On Your Embarkation as a Cruiser


Is it your first time to go onboard a cruise ship? Your choice of a luxury vacation couldn’t be any better, more so with Decadent Travel! As a renowned travel agency in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, it is our duty to help you create lasting memories while on a cruise. If you haven’t gotten any routine yet, go ahead and take with you these 8 do’s on your embarkation:

  • Do Tour the Ship

    You’ll be onboard for a few days; it helps that you start by getting your bearings. Identify which eateries you want to try first, know your way up and down, and unveil the beauty of its amenities. As you tour the ship, you get the idea of how and where exactly to spend your next few days onboard.

  • Do Get to Know With Your Cabin Steward

    If you want to be sure of excellent service from your cabin steward throughout the cruise, establish rapport from day one and let friendship spring from there. Consider your cabin steward to be your cruise guide and comfort provider.

  • Do Take Pictures

    Capture the best moments and sceneries you get to experience through photos. Make sure you are bringing with you a high-end camera. You can either capture sceneries alone or take selfies. If you’re accompanied by somebody, you can get them into making blogger-like poses with you. Make your photo ops fun and worthwhile!

  • Do Try Tropical Drinks

    What is a luxurious cruising without some refreshing drinks? Unwind yourself with a few shots at the bars, and try engaging in friendly conversations with waiters as you do so. You can also make acquaintances with fellow cruisers, given you aren’t interrupting any personal space.

  • Do Make Dining Reservations

    If you haven’t made online reservations for specialty dining, hurry your way to booking them onboard as seats at the eateries can be quick to sell out. A cruise experience wouldn’t be complete without going for some lavish meals.

  • Do Go for Shore Tours

    If you have a great love for shore tours, book yourself a slot to it before vacancies run out. Cruising is the best chance you have at once-in-a-blue-moon shore tours.

  • Do Catch the Sunrise and Sunset

    Get your perfect view of the sun’s rising and setting. Witness epic scenarios as these and capture them on your gadget. Seeing the sun kiss and depart from the ocean line can be cool ways to start and end the day.

  • Do Get Involved in Social Activities

    Watch the welcome show and other variety shows, or hit the dance floor and the karaoke bar. Morning your night by involving in social activities! Whatever gathering there is, do not forget to enjoy yourself.

If you are yet to plan for a cruise, however, we can be your passport to a luxurious vacation! You can surf through our website at and see how we can work together in crafting a momentous break you deserve to take!

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