Stephanie Kunz

I am a certified CTA and have spent the last eight years delving into the travel industry and becoming educated in all aspects of the geography of the world and of the travel business itself; including Cruise Lines, All-Inclusive Resorts, Hotels, and various forms of transport. 

My other certifications are more specific to my own passions.  These, therefore have taken a significant amount of time in order to attain a knowledge of them in greater depth, therefore being better able to promote them to any future clients who share similar interests.

These additional certifications are:

  • Destination specialist in Southern Europe
  • Destination specialist in Spain
  • European Culture & Heritage
  • Luxury Lifestyle Specialist

Beyond these are some other areas of accreditation:

  • Hawai Destination Specialist
  • Many Luxury Cruise Lines:  Regent Seven Seas, Oceania, Crystal, Silversea, Azamara, Seabourn, Paul Gauguin, Windstar, Voyages To Antiquity, Cunard,  NCL, Celebrity, and Princess

A passion for all facets of Archaeology and the histories of "ancient civilizations" has been my conduit into the travel industry.  The area of the "Middle Sea" as the Mediterranean was once known, is filled with so much wonder and history that it is hard not to be drawn into it.  My own grandparents were immigrants who came "across the pond" from Abruzzo, Italy which also drives my pursuits to this corner of the world.

Prior to becoming a Travel Professional my life was encompassed by art, and still is.  Having received my degree in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Colorado, I continued my love for art pursuing metals/jewelry, mosaic, clay, and glass.  I believe that these add a special element to how I view the world and all that's in it,  This, in turn, trickles down, and imparts a unique dimension into my travel business.


Dean Kunz

My responsibility is for the business end of Decadent Travel.  For this task I draw upon my more than 40 years of experience in the Construction Industry.

I’m in charge of keeping up with everything that is “computer oriented.”  All invoicing, accounting, and any GDS issues also fall to me.  Balancing the books and keeping everything flowing smoothly are monumental to any business…a mighty task!

When putting together any booking, I spend as much time as necessary to source out the best options available for a clients Travel Insurance.  This is a very important element to any journey, and not something that should be overlooked by travelers, regardless of where they are heading.  We highly recommend travel insurance to everyone!

Searching for the best airfare, and other forms of ground transport is another area that I’m relied upon for.  This can be very complicated, and there are many new issues that one has to be aware of when flying these days.  This is where our affiliation with Virtuoso is so essential.  They always have our back, just as we will always have yours!

My joys in life revolve around my love for partaking in the occasional round of golf, playing softball, and being on the ocean for extended periods of time.  All of these are enhanced while enjoying agood cigar, a beer, or an excellent glass of Bourbon.

I am always in the process of putting together an array of discriminating groups for all of my favorite “vices” and pleasures. These include:  Golf * Beer * Bourbon/Whiskey * Cigar Aficionado tours and travel.  Please go to the “Golf” and “Other Vices” pages for all information pertinent to any upcoming offerings/groups available.  I invite all of you who have a passion for these very same things to contact me so that you can be included in one of these amazing experiences.  I’m happy to customize any combination of the  aforementioned “vices” to your specifications…you simply need to ask.

Prior to starting up Decadent Travel I enjoyed over forty years as a building contractor with our family’s company Kunz Construction, where our focus was on commercial structures.  Currently I have my own companyDean D. Kunz Construction/CaliberHomes, which is largely based on custom residential home building.  As a compliment to these I’ve recently joined Signature Realty as a real estate broker, thus bringing the “business savvy” to the table with my many years in the business world.

* And while he may not be quick to admit it…he really likes it when, on occasion, he’s asked if he’sDean Koontz, “the author.”


Together, Dean and Stephanie will do everything imaginable to ensure that every trip becomes an adventure of a lifetime!

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